Who We Are - Kawartha Blazers
Sledge Hockey Association

The Kawartha Blazers Sledge Hockey team is made up of young people aged six and up. Most of whom have a disability and come from Peterborough City and County and the City of Kawartha Lakes.

Sledge Hockey provides our players with an excellent opportunity to participate in an exciting and growing sport.

Sledge Hockey is generally played with the same rules as able-bodied hockey, with a few modifications. Sledge Hockey players sit on a sledge which sits about 4” above the ice and has two skate blades at the back with a metal runner at the front.

Players propel themselves around the ice by using two short sticks with a pick on one end and a curved blade on the other. Helmets, shoulder pads, shin guards and gloves are used to protect players from injury.

Players who have very limited upper body use have people called “pushers” who help push them around the ice.

Players are able to stick handle, pass the puck to teammates and take shots on net.

The Blazers who were formed in 1989 were organized and sponsored by Five Counties Children Centre until March 1998. Due to a progressive mandate of fully integrating the lives of youth into the community and budget restrictions, it became necessary to also integrate the organization, operation and sponsorship of the team into the community. The parents of the players have taken over this role and have formed the association with a general membership and executive board.

The team practices each Monday at the Evinrude Centre in Peterborough, Ontario. The hockey season starts in October through to April.

The parents and players have supported the Blazers fundraising efforts by running BBQs, tag days and cheese and chocolate sales.